Key Stage 2 Tuition Overview


Key stage 2 covers academic years 3 – 6 at school, at 11 Plus Prep School, we teach English and Maths. In English, pupils are taught how to improve their writing and encouraged to read in front of a group to improve confidence. In Maths, pupils are taught to become fluent in arithmetic and reasoning so they can make connections between multiplication and division with fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios.

What YOU can expect from our KS2 Tuition?

A test every month to check their understanding of the topic being taught and regular homework set. In a nurturing environment, students participate in spelling tests and time tables test every week as well as problem-solving question or reasoning test at the end of their maths lesson building their confidence in taking tests without pressure. Whether you are getting your child ready for SATS or 11 Plus exams, or just looking to boost their confidence, getting familiar with tests and regular homework is a great way of getting ready for secondary school.