Summer school classes are designed to help students prepare for the 11 plus exam for those about to embark on their A-levels or as general preparation for the return to secondary school. Whilst it is important for students to take some time to rest and relax over the summer holidays, it is equally vital for them to retain all the key information they have amassed over the previous two years.

North Finchley Tutors 11+ Intensive course

At NFT, we are pleased to offer our intensive revision and testing Course for 11+ candidates this summer. The Course will take place from 12th to 22nd August 2019. The lead up to the entrance exams is stressful and though students may have been working with a tutor and/or at home, some topics or subjects will surface late on as the papers get harder. Our team of qualified and experienced teachers are extremely experienced and after an extremely successful intensive course last year, we are again running the 11 Plus Summer Crash Course in August for 2 weeks to move students from good to fantastic.

Class Detail
  • Price £400 per week
  • Time 10AM – 3PM
  • Syllabus 11 plus Math and Numerical Reasoning
  • Duration Week 1 12th – 15th August

Entry Requirements

Step 1: Telling

  • Contextualise what we are teaching
  • Real life examples
  • Relate to their lives.
  • Reinforce the verbal with the visual i-e diagrams, charts.
  • Get students to explain to other students

Step 2: Showing

  • Use exemplars of right and wrong answers i-e practical, written, numerate
  • Raise aspirations
  • Think aloud as a teacher.
  • Get the students to explain how to move from the wrong answer to the right answer.

Step 3: Doing

  • Targeted questioning
  • Feedback
  • Key vocabulary

Step 4: Practicing

  • Total independent working to demonstrate understanding
  • Do not progress until correct
  • Use of feedback upon completion
  • Those who get it to teach those who do not
  • Trial & error
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